How to Build a Whelping Box for Large Dogs in a Fastest Way

How to Build a Whelping box?

A whelping box is a must for your four-legged friend who will serve as the protected den to give birth to their puppies. It is important that size of the whelping box needs to be appropriate so that the female pooch can easily move around in the box. Here in this article, I will discuss how to build a whelping box for large dogs in the fastest way so that your pet enjoys the comfortable stay.

The size of the whelping box differs as it has to be per the size, weight, and temperament of the breed. You have to consider the number of puppies delivered so that each pup can enjoy enough Dog space to live. The apt size of the whelping box for the large dog is 3 to 4 feet long and 4 to 5 feet deep. Along the sides, if you prefer to add rails then you have to include additional space of few inches.

What all materials are required to build a whelping box?

  • Thick plywood board of 1/2” size
  • Smooth grade sheet of 4/8’
  • Two 2/4’ lumber pieces
  • Non-removable pin
  • Circular saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood screws and other supplies

For floor you need – thick plywood, adhesive, braces for corners of L-shaped.

In three equal parts, cut any one section. It will serve as the three sides of the box. You can have the sturdy box for your pooch if you use 1/2” plywood.

How to Build a Whelping box?

Use large-sized board for making front panel of the box. If you prefer the assembled box, then you have to use nails to put it together but make sure you should have enough place to store the box. The next option is to make use of screws if your storage area is limited. It will help you in taking away the box apart.  

Now let’s talk about the steps involved in getting ready the whelping box.

  • Take contact paper to cover the inside panels. Variety of colors and patterns are available in it which you can have it at cheap rates. It will be easy for you to cover the panels before assembly as you have to look after flat surface only.
  • To stick the edges of the paper, make use of glue. Then screw the sections, or you can nail it.
  • To prevent leaks, run a silicon sealant around the seams.
  • In the floor of the box make a large hole to use whelping nest. Before assembly makes a hole. Your pups can embrace in it. To elevate the box, make use of suitable size to your box.
  • Use washable fake sheepskins for bedding. Make sure they have the rubber backing. In this way, your pup will enjoy excellent footing. You can easily wash the sheepskins.
  • Make use of pup rails to save your puppies from crushing by their mother. In this rail, they can hide. For extra safety, you can arrange dog tracks.

All these steps will help you in constructing the whelping box in the fastest way where you can keep your large breed and her pups comfortably. It will secure your dogs from cold weather. During the first days of the delivery and after few weeks of the birth you can keep your female dog with her pups.  

Use of Lennypads

In the whelping box, you can make use of Lenny Pads that will help you in keeping the mother and the baby dry and will provide easy cleanup. They possess the ultra-absorbent quality that offers quick dry surface. As a result, it will give comfort to your pup along with cleanliness.

Types of Whelping Box

There are various types of the whelping box in the market. The great whelping boxes are-  MagnaBox Whelping Box and Deluxe PVC Warwick. If you are looking for cheaper whelping boxes, then take help of cardboard box and plastic storage bin which you can make use of small dogs.

These types of boxes are quick and easy to prepare. You can build the whelping box on your own by making use of lumber. For easy cleaning, you can also take help of hard-sided plastic Kiddie pool. The commercial whelping box is of two types –Jonart and Dura-Whelp.

Playing Equipment-

You can make arrangements of playing equipment for your little pups so that they can enjoy the comfortable stay with fun. Make use of the Kong, Bob-a-lot, tricky treat ball, tug-a-jug, waggle and dog casino that will keep your dog busy in playful activities.

Tips during whelping time

The time of initial dog pregnancy to actual labor is covered in the process of the whelping. In this period, you have to take extra care of your loving puppy. As a dog owner or professional breeder, you would prefer to have knowledge and understanding regarding what guidelines you have to consider through the process of pregnancy and whelping.

First of all, make sure that your bitch has conceived or not after mating. If you find that she is pregnant then with the help of the vet prepare birth plans. Provide extra care, love, affection, and attention to your beloved female dog at the time of pregnancy. It is the must that you provide healthy and nutritious food to your pet. Make the good arrangement of water and keep her warm and comfy. During labor make use of hot water bottle to keep the newborns warm. Take care of the flooring as good floor traction is essential. Provide safe and stable footing. Look for the size of the whelping box as during labor and the first week of the birth of pups; you can make use of lined laundry basket. After the first week and at the time of delivery arrange the larger place for the pet. Make yourself familiar with signs of labor and a healthy birth so that you make prior arrangements. For this, you can take help of the vet. It would be easy for you to carry on the whole process by keeping a detailed record in which you can have information about her weight and issues related to birthing problems.

Provide warmth to your pup after birth by rubbing with a dry towel. Check each puppy to know whether all the pups are breathing correctly. If you follow all the essential tips, then you can enjoy the company of your pet along with her cute babies that will provide you joyful and pleasant moments.

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