Is Dog Breeding Profitable? | Answered by Experts

Is Dog Breeding Profitable?

Are you one of those persons who adores dogs and love dogs’ company? Then don’t you think you can convert your hobby and passion to your profession? Imagine you are surrounded by various dogs and different breeds! Their smell, voice, and love for you will make you feel like a king, right? But being an entrepreneur, the only question is, “Is dog breeding profitable?” or how much it can make you feel financially secured!

Is Dog Breeding Profitable?

In this article, we will guide you how to start a dog breeding business. Also, you will know what you (being a dog breeding business owner) have to do daily to match up to the current market. We will share our knowledge about target audience, growth, startup costs, legal standards, etc. Let’s start with the breeds which can help you to make the most profit.

Most Profitable Dog to Breed

We are very particular about our companions, right? And you can’t agree more that the dogs are the most favorite companions. But, they don’t always come free. In fact, we have to spend thousands of bucks to have certain types of dogs. Many people love to have some breeds that are easy to get and still look perfect. But, like other businesses, this business also gives more profit if we take more risk.

Here is a list of the most expensive dogs and their estimated cost.

  • Irish Wolfhound – $1500 to $2000
  • Saluki – $2000 – $2500
  • Pharaoh Hound – $2500 to $6500
  • Akita – $2000 to $5000
  • Tibetan Mastiff – $2500 to $7500
  • Rottweiler – $3000 to $8000
  • Lowchen – $5000 to $8000
  • Chow Chow – $3500 to $8500
  • English Bulldog – $3000 to $9000
  • Samoyed – $5000 to $12000

How to Make Money Breeding Dogs?

Dog breeding businesses have two ideal customer communities. One is those enthusiasts who are very clear about a specific breed. Such people have specific fund which they can use to pay a premium for a grown up breed. And the other one is – Pet Stores. They can provide you a stable income. They can’t pay you as much as an individual, but they can be consistent.

  • The very first step is to find some of the best, but particular dog breeds so that you can pick out a puppy of that breed. If you don’t want more than one breed, then also it is fine. Most businesses focus on raising one breed of dog.
  • To start the breeding business and make it grow, it is important for you to have the best physical condition. Being a business owner, you must be strong enough to interact with, care, and play with puppies.
  • You also have to help and be always available for bitches which are expecting births. This activity requires much mental and physical strength. It also helps you to have more puppies to sell.
  • If you want to make money breeding dogs, then you have to care for all dogs. It includes both adult dogs that are bred together and the baby created by them. The whole procedure involves feeding, playing, and their basic exercising. Try to collaborate with rescue agencies and offer adoptions.
  • A dog breeding business makes money by selling the dogs of different breeds and raise them. Sometimes, when a female wants or about to deliver babies, you must have to put male and female dogs together. You can also offer to deliver best dogs to breed for profit to customers.

Apart from these, you can also sell dogs within the cities, states, or countries. Startup cost is also not so high. It is controllable. In the dog breeding business, you must have a shelter with some female dogs, and a male dog. There you can give all the facility to your dogs. You also have to arrange their daily food according to their diet and food intake capacities. You can start your business in the rural area to keep your cost least.


The basic registration fee for this business is $100. Litter registration fee is around $25 and $2 for each puppies. Initially, you can bred only one female dog to be acclimatize with the feeding, veterinary, and registration costs. If there is only one dog, you may not need to have a separate place as you can do this business in your house or farm. You can reinvest the amount in this business and grow it further after one delivery and selling out few puppies.

So that’s all about profitable dog breeding. We hope you will get some help from this article and we succeeded in providing all the information you need. Always remember to start small and play clean for better growth and prestige. Have a great business ahead.


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