How to Play Frisbee with Dog?: Give a Training to your Puppy

How to Play Frisbee with Dog

Having dogs and playing with them is like spending quality time with your little friends. Playing games is fun for you as well as your dog,  it also helps the dogs in doing some exercise making them fit and healthy.

Frisbee is one such fun game that you can play with your dog. Some dogs learn naturally how to play frisbee whereas some dogs need training for learning this game. If your dog has never played frisbee before and you want to teach your dog how to play with it then read this blog where I describe how to train your dogs step-by-step for playing frisbee.

How to Play Frisbee with Dog

1. Introducing your dog to frisbee

You should buy frisbees that are specially made for dogs. Such frisbees are also called “Dog Discs.” It should be durable, and the material should be soft so that it doesn’t damage the canine teeth of the dogs. Discs that can float are most suited so that your dog can swim if you through the disc in a pool.

Once you buy a frisbee, it is essential to introduce it to your pet. Sometimes dogs are naturally attracted to this toy and start playing with it, but most of the times you have to entice them.

For familiarizing them with the disc, you can try the following tricks:

  • Use it as a food bowl and feed them in the disc.
  • Reward them with something every time they touch the disc or come near to it when you call them.
  • Take the disc out while feeding and hide it until next time to attract your dog to the disc.
  • You can also rub some hotdog on its edges and give it to your dog so that it starts putting it into the mouth.
  • Doing all this will make the disc desirable for your dog, and he will start playing with it sometime.

2. Start playing fun games with the frisbee

Start playing fun games with the frisbee

Once your dog is familiar with the disc, play some fun games with a frisbee to teach your dog to learn further. You can train your dogs by giving them training such as:

  • To train the dogs by throwing the disc near them and making them learn to get the disc back to you the at the command of  “Give it” or some other similar command.
  • You can also play fun games such as tug-of-war, but you have to be gentle and pull very lightly making sure that you are not harming your pet.
  • You can also hold the frisbee and run to make the disc; this will make your large dog run behind you as he will start chasing a frisbee.
  • Your dog should learn to give it back to you, and every time the dog succeeds in doing so, you should reward them to motivate your dog to bring the frisbee back to you.

After your dog has started playing with it for a while, you can train it for playing and catching a frisbee.

3. Rolling the disc on the ground

Rolling Disc


Now that your dog has started playing a little with a frisbee, roll the disc on the ground and let your dog chase it. Make sure that your dog brings the disc back to you after trailing it. Giving your dogs this training will help in preparing them to play frisbee.

4. Throwing frisbee in the air

Throwing frisbee in the air

As now your dog has started chasing the disc you can start throwing the frisbee in the air to their level and see if he tries to catch it and bring it to you.

If your dog succeeds in getting the disc back to you, don’t then forget to give them a treat every time. You can increase the level and the speed of throwing the frisbee gradually so that your dog chases it and brings it back to you. Once the dog starts enjoying this game, he will try to catch it by jumping and catching the frisbee in the air itself and getting it to you. You can also start increasing the distance of the throw so that your dog can get some exercise.

In case your dog doesn’t start catching it once you throw the disc in the air then alternate it with rolling the disc on the ground and throwing it in the air so that it starts chasing it. Once your dog starts playing with it, you can begin to throw the frisbee in the air at increased heights and see to it if your dog catches it.

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