How to Fatten Up a Malnourished Dog: Fast Ways

How to Fatten Up a Malnourished Dog

Every dog owner wants to keep his/her dog healthy, fit, and fine. The pets must be nourished and active as per their nature. It is not acceptable to have any health flaw in any case. Nowadays many dogs are suffering from obesity. But, there are also some pets who are suffering from the opposite problem. Today, I am going to talk about the best way to put weight on a dog. Here are few tips and tricks which you can apply to fatten up a dog.

How to fatten up a malnourished dog?

If your dog has lost a lot of weight and looked like a skeleton, it’s time for some makeover. The answer of your question on how to make your dog fatter is to feed him little but many times; taking certain intervals. Try to follow this schedule for some days. Still, you feel that your dog is losing weight in some unexplained manner, or his appetite is being weak day by day, take advice from veterinarian.

Figure out what is the reasons for weight loss

The very first thing to take care about is to figure out why your dog is losing weight. Without knowing the reason, you should not go further as there are chances to be misguided! Talk with your dog’s favorite doctor and let him decide how you should act regarding the weight loss. Once he/she finds out what is the actual matter, you can determine your path to fatten up. You can also check the ideal weight of the breed and compare it with your pet.

Maintain a food journal for your dog

You have no idea how important it is when you want to gain weight for your pet. Maintaining a journal can give you a day to day record what and in which amount your dog eats. Adjust the calories amount, write down each food item he put in the mouth, and analyze the result every week. Like this, you will come to know about the intake of meals and also their proportions, which will later help you to find out the actual issue.

Deworm your pet

There are chances that your dog may get some infection in his internal body, which is directly or indirectly affecting his appetite. So when you are facing the issue of how to fatten up a dog, just deworm your pet with some medication suggested by the veterinarian. The capsules are entirely safe, and your beloved pet can take it quickly. Try them out and see the difference.

Make sure that your pet is doing certain exercises

Exercises play an essential role to keep anyone, including all the animals fit. Your dog must be active and doing his activities correctly. The everyday routine of walking and playing can keep him healthy and strong as well as happy. Also, you should take care of his positions of sitting. Notice each detail as even the smallest one can make a huge difference in his food intake cycle.

Change your dog’s diet

If you feel that everything is being right on the track, then try to change your pet’s diet. Slowly move forward to the high energy dog food and make sure that he finishes his meals. If you feel that he is not comfortable with his current diet, add his favorite items and try to make every meal tasty and exciting. Use variations of food and if your dog is not eating any dry food item, add hot water in his bowl and let the food set for some time, and feed him. You can also include cottage cheese and chicken pieces (without skin) in his diet to fatten him up.

Make them relaxed

One of the significant reasons for not having a meal is because they don’t feel like! Take extra care if he behaves cranky. No stress, please! Pamper him as much as possible. Don’t make him feel like he is unhealthy or ill. Try to motivate him and always offer food. Do not force if he doesn’t want to eat, but keep offering him food time to time.

Give some extra supplements

Apart from the wholesome food you are giving to him, give extra vitamins for his better Dog health and fast improvement. Just like humans, sometimes animals also need additional supplements to feel strong and healthy. And there is no harm to give such tablets to your pooch. In fact, some of the dogs adore such pills as they provide energy.

So, these are some tips and tricks you can use when you have the question like how to fatten up a dog! Apart from all, you can also try cozy and comfortable whelping box for dogs to relax them as much as possible. Find your best ways on how to get a dog to gain weight and cure your canine with all your love, care, and support. They need your extra attention when they don’t feel right. Just be with them and help them to heal. Stay healthy and keep your dog healthy!


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