Whelping Box Plans, Design and Ideas for Your Dog

Whelping Box Plans, Design and Ideas for Your Dog

When your beloved dog is expecting puppies, it is your responsibility to take care of her and all the babies. The very first and important thing is – to have a good quality canine whelping box in your home. Whelping box helps the puppies to be safe from the other pets or sometimes the anger of their own mother and helps the canine to be comfortable while delivering process.

It also helps you widely. If you have a whelping box in your house, there might be the less mess for you to clean it out. Small puppies create much more mess than you expect. Here in this article, you will get some of the best whelping box plans, ideas, and designs. This article will also help you in finding the types of your pet’s safest place during and after the pregnancy time.

Whelping box Plans

There are many different and unique whelping boxes for sale available in the market like;

  • Wooden whelping box (plywood is also considerable),
  • Disposable whelping box, steal whelping box,
  • Iron rod whelping box,
  • Large Vinyl whelping box etc.

There are also different sizes available in the category of the whelping box, like 32” x 32”, 48” x 48”, 40” x 40”, etc. You can choose the whelping box as per your use or the purpose.

For example, if you just want to breed your female dog once, you can go for the disposable whelping box. Such whelping box design is perfect for temporary use, as it gives you the flexibility.

Disposable Whelping Box – your temporary but all time solution!

Even being temporary and disposable, it comes in all sizes. So, you can choose that as per your dog’s comfort and convenience. It is available in the sizes of 24”, 30”, 36”, 40”, 48”, etc.

  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble, so you have the advantage of portability.
  • It is made by double walled rigid cardboard, and thus, light weighted.
  • Such temporary box also has the waterproof liner and the facility of proper insulation for the natural warmth.
  • Safety is the primary purpose of any whelping box. Like the other whelping boxes, this product includes puppy protection rails around the box.

An incredible advantage of such whelping boxes is that there is no need for disinfecting, and you can quickly discard it after use. Thus, the strong double corrugated cardboard whelping box is perfect for one-time use, as it is not so expensive but beneficial.

Whelping Box Ideas

Large Vinyl Whelping Box

This type of whelping box has two gates and the scope of rearrangements. You can easily rearrange compartments according to the mess you want to clean at the particular time.

  • You can separate the puppies when you are cleaning the whelping box.
  • As the name suggests, such whelping boxes are large, so they are perfectly suitable for extra-large breeds like German Shepherd, Great Dane, Saint Bernard, etc.
  • If you are expecting a large amount of litter from your dog’s daily routine and activities, then you should go for such whelping box.
  • As whelping puppy pad in the box is soft, that will be the most comfortable and convenient thing. Your dog will love it too.

One another whelping box idea is children’s plastic swimming pool. Yes, you can use it as a temporary solution. It is not the best solution, as the footing is slippery for the mother and puppies. But as you know puppies grow fast. They will soon learn how to get out from this plastic pool.

There are many amazing whelping box designs available in the market, and when you make or buy a whelping box to the female dog and/or puppies, that would be the greatest help and gift for your lovable pet. After all, he/she did some unforgettable acts for you.

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