How to Sedate a Dog for Grooming?: Keep a Dog Calm while Grooming

How to Sedate a Dog for Grooming

Grooming dogs is a task when you do it at home. Many dogs become anxious and do not stay still while you are grooming them. As the dogs don’t stay calm, it also becomes a bit of a task for the owner to groom their little pet. There are several ways to make sure that your dog stays calm during the entire grooming session. The process of giving sedatives that calm your dog down is called Sedation.

Sedatives : Drugs available in the market for sedating your dog

When the dogs are sedated, it calms them down. A dog is in a tranquil state due to sedatives, and this can help during grooming session or whenever you are visiting the vet. Many dogs become restless and start moving during stressful conditions, and hence it becomes imperative to sedate them. Generally, drugs are given to the dogs that are known as sedatives which helps them to stay relaxed and calm.

How to Sedate a Dog for Grooming?

There are many options of sedative drugs available in the market that can be given to the dogs before the grooming sessions. However, it should be seen to it that the sedatives are provided as per the vet’s prescription and advice. It is harmful to give your dogs sedatives if you do not have complete knowledge about it. It is also essential to know the quantity of the drug that should be provided for the desired result. All the guidelines should be followed when you are administering such sedatives to your dog.

The sedatives with a prescription should be given in the dosage as per the vet’s guideline. The options for sedative drugs for dogs include options like diazepam, acepromazine, etc. Many dog owners have also found the little dosage of Benadryl too helpful for sedating their dogs. The sedatives can be given along with the food to your pet in the small dosages. The food with the sedatives can be given with special treat if your dog is not willing to eat it.

What are the other ways to sedate your dog ?

There are other alternative ways to sedate your dogs without giving them the sedatives. As many people do not like to provide their dogs with tranquilizers following tricks also work to calm your furry friend down:

  • Most commonly practiced way to sedate your dog is to take your dog on a walk. Dogs when taken for a walk or any physical activity will get tired. You can also play games such as frisbee with your pet. Playing with them is a great way to make sure that they are not anxious while grooming them with the help of grooming scissors kit. So keeping your dog physically active before taking them to the vet or for a grooming session will help them in being calm during that time.
  • Another way to keep your dog relaxed is to give them their favorite toy or treat when you are grooming them. This will help in distracting your dog attention from grooming to playing with the toy or treat.
  • Dogs crave the most for their owner’s touch. Continuously patting them also helps them to calm down. It also helps to calm down their anxiety and restlessness. This way your dog will stay close, and you will be easily able to make them stay stable while grooming them.
  • The last but the most effective method is to try the aromatherapy. There are many natural oils available that help in calming and soothing the animals as well as the dogs down. Such oils are good for the skin as well. One such oil that has soothing effects is Lavender oil. Some drops of lavender oil should be taken on your fingertips and massage it on the back of their head. Rubbing such soothing oils helps the dogs to relax and stay calm. You can also light an aroma candle while grooming your dogs to keep the atmosphere restful.

These all are the ways that are tried and tested to sedate the dogs. If you are giving sedatives make sure it is under vets supervision, also all the other alternative methods are easy to follow.

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