How Often Can You Breed a Dog? | Get Exact Breeding Frequency

How Many Times Can You Breed a Dog_

Are you eager to know how often dogs can have puppies? It is essential to have proper information and knowledge about how many litters can a dog have in a lifetime. The novice breeders are not aware of the facts of breeding the dogs which result in the poor health condition of your dear four-legged friend.

In this article, I will enlighten the readers with the facts of how often can dogs have puppies which will help dog owners to plan accordingly.

How Many Times Can You Breed a Dog?

First of all, make yourself aware of the fact about female dog’s maturity so that you can come to know whether your pet is too old or too young to bear a pup.

Let’s move ahead to explore the in-depth information on the same subject.

How Often Can You Breed a Female Dog?

  • The fully mature female dog can have litters at every heat cycle. You can miss the first heat cycle. The right time is twenty-four months.
  • From the size, genetics and breed your female dog can have her first heat at the age of 6-12 months.
  • For every heat, season don’t allow your female dog to be impregnated every time. Your pooch will decrease the chance of delivering the healthy puppy if you breed your dog too often.
  • The mother dog will not bear a healthy puppy if you allow her to breed over and over again.
  • The gap in heating cycles of the female dog will allow her to recover and build more strength.
  • There is the drawback too of skipping the heating cycle of the female dog. With every period the female dog’s uterus ages so breeders do not prefer to spare their female dogs.
  • Some breeders do not wait for another heat cycle if they find their female dogs inhale and hearty condition. In this condition, they breed their she dog twice or thrice in a row, and the young situation gets her spayed to provide retirement.
  • At the point of exhaustion or during advanced age, the responsible breeder will not get her female dog breed.

How Many Times Can You Breed a Male Dog?

  • At six months of age, the male dogs can become fertile. Some studs’ owner does not consider dog adult up to around 15 or 18-24 months old. As a result, the male dog gets full time to develop.
  • For many years a healthy male dog can produce active and high-quality sperm till old age. There will be increase fertility rate and will yield larger litter sizes if the quality of the sperm is good.
  • Per year, some professional breeders mate their dogs a few times per year. It can be almost once in a week when bitches are in season.
  • The breeders consider the overall health and fitness of the male dog. If your dog is fit and healthy, then the resulting offspring will be in the pink of health.

Know Precise Breeding Frequency

There is the number of factors to decide the frequency of breeding for male and female dogs. They are as follows-

  • Exactly how quick your female dog gets well after whelping.
  • The age and breed of your pooch.
  • The previous delivery was easy or difficult.
  • In what ways you take care of your beloved canine.
  • The breeder can breed their female dog every other heat or every heat as per their requirement and condition of the mother dog.

Preparations in advance for breeding your dog

  • Arrange home for the puppies that will take birth.
  • Take your mother dog to the regular vets for health examination.
  • If the breed is affected by any disease, then you should have her blood tested.
  • Get x-rayed and certified the hips and other potential problem joints of your female dog.
  • Get familiar with the date of breeding beforehand.

If you make all these arrangements before breeding your pooch, then it will make the breeding process comfortable and smooth for the owner and dogs too. The resulting puppies will also in the hale and hearty condition.

Conclusive thought

This piece of writing will make you informed regarding how many litters can a dog have legally so that you can plan accordingly. Both pet owners and breeders should possess sound knowledge of the same. It is not only necessary for the quality and healthy life of your furry friend but also gives peace of mind to dog lovers and breeders who deal with the dog on a regular basis. You can also take the advice of the professional vet so that you or your precious pooch don’t have to face any breeding problem in future.

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