Do Human Pregnancy Tests Work on Dogs: Clear Your Doubt

Do Human Pregnancy Tests Work On Dogs_

Are you eager to know that whether you can use a pregnancy test on a dog, then here I will provide you in-depth knowledge and understanding of the same? If your female dog got mated and you want to know that whether she has conceived through human pregnancy tests, then these tests won’t provide you an idea.

No need to worry at all as there are other alternatives on which you can rely to detect the pregnancy of your four-legged friend. But before talking over the other options, I would like to make you familiar with the reasons which make human pregnancy tests inapt for the faithful friends.

Do Human Pregnancy Tests Work On Dogs?

Dogs do not yield HCG (Human Choriogonadotropin) like humans. In humans, the presence of HCG in the urine will help in diagnosing the pregnancy as in Human Pregnancy Tests they can produce this hormone. Female dogs do not possess a pregnancy-specific hormone. Irrespective of the fact that whether the female dogs are bred or not, for about two months after heat they will discharge progesterone which you won’t find an appropriate indicator of pregnancy. So in female pooch, there is the absence of progesterone, urine, and blood test to know about pregnancy.

There are other ways to know about the pregnancy of the female dogs. Here I will throw light on them.

  • The abdominal ultrasound test conducted by the vet will let you know about the pregnancy of the bitches. You can also identify the litter size and fetal feasibility.
  • During gestation, the hormone called Relaxin can be measured. After embedding the embryo, you can detect the hormone around 22 – 27 days.
  • In your female dog’s nipple size there will be minor increase along with pinkish coloration. Some female dogs may suffer from morning sickness.
  • Your female canine will display less physical activity accompanied by mood swings.
  • Near about fifth week the size of the tummy will become more prominent.
  • Better appetite along with clingy, quiet and loving attitude.
  • The 28 days of pregnancy will let you know about the presence of pups with the help of the vet palpate on the abdomen of the female dog.
  • About 20-30 days after conception, some practiced vets can sense the pregnancy by observing the dog’s abdomen.
  • Around 45 days of pregnancy, the fetal skeletons can be imagined with the help of x-rays. It will also allow you to know the number of pups going to take birth.

From all these ways you can make out whether your female dog is expecting or not. Now if you have a question in your mind that do human pregnancy tests work on dogs, then these valuable points will clear your doubts. For 60-30 days the bitches remain pregnant. Approximately between fourth to the fifth week, the female doggie feels the kicking of the pups. If your female pet has not undergone heat, then most probably the chances are that your beloved female canine is not pregnant. The visit to the vet can only confirm the pregnancy.

Final Say

I hope that from this piece of writing you can come to know that do pregnancy tests work on dogs or not. All the reliable information mentioned in this article will clear your doubts about the pregnancy test on dogs.

This informative article will make you acquainted with the reasons which disallow human pregnancy tests to work on dogs. Make sure you don’t have to spend your time and money on these tests for your lovely furry friend. In markets, you can get the pregnancy test kits which you will find defective so it would be great if you don’t depend on these kits to know about the pregnancy of your female pooch.

If you are unable to put your faith on pregnancy test meant for humans, then by what ways you can make a diagnosis about the pregnancy of your female dog is now a simple and stress-free task for you due to the details stated in this post.

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