How to Stop a Dog from Eating Cat Poop at Home or Outside?

How to Stop a Dog from Eating Cat Poop

Dog lovers! Have you ever heard your dear dog eating cat poop? Yeah, of course, it happens with your four-legged friend. Sometimes pet owners observe dog eating cat poop in the garden and feel like to stop their beloved pooch from doing the same.

In this article, I will discuss the ways which will guide you regarding how to stop a dog from eating cat poop. But before that let’s know the reason for why your furry friend takes in cat poop.

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Shit?

The habit of eating poop is known as coprophagia. Your pooch develops this habit due to following reasons –  

1. Particular Liking

By nature dog seem to have the specific liking for cat’s poop. Possibly the dogie holds the distinct taste for feline stool. Maybe the fondness for cat’s poop attracts your pet to consume cat waste material.

2. Lack of nutrients

It is assumed that if your precious pet is suffering from the deficiency of nutrients and vitamins, then he will start eating feline’s poop. The dog food lacking fibers, vitamin B, proteins and higher fats may create feeling for cat’s shit.

3. Boredom

Your pet gets bored when he is not involved in any new task. In case you remain out for work, then the pooch develops the feeling of boredom. On seeing the fresh poop in the litter box of the feline, your pooch develops the sense of excitement due to which he eats the same.

4. Heritable behavior

Your pet takes in cat’s poop may be because of inherited behavior. When the dogie observes the cat’s waste stuff in their litter box, then the instincts get triggered in his mind and body which in turn encourages him to consume feline’s feces.

5. Medical Issues

The medical issues related to intestines or pancreas may lead up the taste for feline fecal feces. Due to anxiety, the feeling of coprophagia may spring up in your canine.

6. Smell or hunger

Might be at times the dog gets fascinated by the scent of the cat’s waste material and like to have it. If your pet is hungry or wants to catch your attention, then also he can evolve the liking for cat’s poop.

From all these factors you will come to know why your pooch is consuming cat’s fecal feces.

After getting aware of the causes, let’s proceed further to deal this matter as the consumption of cat’s poop is unhealthy for your valued pooch.

How to Stop a Dog from Eating Cat Poop?

1. Train your dog

You can build the habits of not consuming the cat’s poop in your pooch by teaching him gently and patiently to stay away from feline’s stool. Offer him treat when your dog performs the favorable act. As a pet owner, you have to be patient, relaxed and calm so that you can positively encourage your pet to avoid cat’s poop which is not meant for your dog. Never become aggressive or impatient while training your pet for healthy living.

2. Check the access to the litter box

Make sure you keep the cat litter tray away from your loving pooch. The litter box should not be readily accessible for your canine. You can install a pet gate holding the small opening so that your cat can quickly make use of the litter box.

3. Cover litter box

The litter box of your feline should be covered by employing the hood on it. Avoid using open tray litter boxes as your pooch can easily approach them. Around the trays, you can improvise snap-traps which will help in catching the dogs whenever they try to get closer to the cat litter box.

4. Plan the schedule

Ensure that your adorable pet does not get bored. To avoid boredom, you should pay full attention to the activities of your pet. Give your pet quality time, especially in the breeding period, by taking him out for walking or playing. The unpleasant habit of consuming cat’s shit can be prevented to some extent if your pet is involved in interactive play or exercise.

5. Consult the veterinarian

You should consult the specialists or vets to diagnose the health issues of your beloved pet. The dogs suffering from the lack of digestive enzymes develop the craving for fecal matter. In the bowel wall, the lack of vitamins extends the longing for the poop.

6. Modify the pooch’s diet

To check coprophagia, you should look at the menu of your pet. The high-quality, nutritious dog food will keep your dog in pink of health as the healthy diet will meet the nutritional demands of your pet.

7. Look after worms

If there are worms in the intestine of your pooch, then get them treated. The vital nutrition of your pet is taken away from the intestinal worms. The dogs try to acquire food by in-taking the poop.

Follow the points mentioned above to stop the dog from eating cat poop outside. If you correctly train your doggie, then he will avoid consuming cat’s poop at home or outside.

What type of solution to be undertaken after consumption of poop?

If your dear dog ate cat poop and is vomiting, then you should immediately consult the veterinarian. You can move forward with some practical solutions so that your pooch does not suffer from any health issues.

  • Go for the treatment plan of your faithful friend after identifying the source of the illness.
  • If your pooch suffers from the infection, then you can provide antibiotics to cure the health problem.
  • The course of antiparasitic medication will help in removing the parasites present in the poop of the cat.
  • Your pooch can fight the sickness by providing him stable condition with the help of IV fluids.
  • The dog will survive the infection if you provide the medicines without any delay.

Prevention is better than cure.

We all know that prevention is always much better than cure. If you stop the dog from eating cat poop outside or at home, then your pooch will not face any health problem. The consumption of cat poop by your beloved pet is unsafe for him.

You can check your dog’s habit by following the crucial information mentioned in this post regarding how to stop your dog from eating cat poop. If your dog falls ill after in-taking cat’s fecal matter, then no need to get panic. Merely consult a vet to provide quick relief to your loving pet.

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