Whelping Box Bedding Ideas and Tips

Whelping Box Bedding Ideas and Tips

As a pet owner, you look after the primary supplies of your pet so that his requirements should be taken care of properly. Out of many provisions offered to your puppy, the primary one is bedding. If your pet is expecting, then it is must for you to arrange whelping box for her. In this article, I will throw light on the puppy bedding along with ideas and tips of whelping box bedding so that your beloved pet enjoys the smooth stay.

What to use for Puppy bedding?

To make the bedding of your puppy comfortable and long-lasting, you should know how to arrange it properly. Make sure the puppy bed should be spacious, sturdy and comfortable to clean. Let’s discuss in detail about what things should be considered for puppy bedding.

  • You arrange the bedding for your puppy to rest and sleep. Sometimes your puppy chews the bed or pulls out the stuff of the bed. So to get rid of this problem you should buy foundations of sturdy and durable fabric so that they cannot quickly chew the bed. The puppy bedding material should be worthy so that your puppy can enjoy its activities.
  • Place crate mats and blankets for your puppy so that the feeling of warmth can be cherished by your pet. You can choose best puppy bed from the market or through online by your preference.
  • You can go for vet bedding too which serve as the perfect sleeping surface for your puppy. It is made up of synthetic fleece fabric which is washable and long-lasting.
  • Organize some pet toys for your puppy so that your pooch can experience some fun activities in the bed. You can also keep food and water dishes for your pet near to the bed so that all essential requirements can be met in one common place.

All these facilities will make your puppy bedding a whole place to enjoy.

According to the circumstances, your pet requirements changes. In case your female dog is about to deliver the pups then you have to arrange a whelping box for her. After discussing puppy bedding now, I will make you familiar with the whelping box bedding ideas. It is vital for you to take care of bedding in whelping box so that your pet experience the feeling of security.

Things to consider for Bedding of a Dog Whelping Box

For bedding a dog whelping box, you can make use of wood, rubber-backed rugs, black stall mats and much more. There are lots of options of bedding for whelping. Choose the box that is safe and secure for your puppies and can be cleaned easily. Let’s talk over in detail about the things to be taken care of.

  • The bedding should be spacious so that your female dog and her pups can lie down comfortably.
  • Straw and wood shavings should be avoided for newborn babies. When your puppies turn into one month old, then you can make use of wood shavings.
  • If you prefer the cheap and disposable bed, then newspaper and puppy pads will satisfy your desire. In this type of bedding, your puppies will not get twisted.
  • You can use towels, sheets, and blankets for bedding your puppies when they start moving here and there.
  • Make sure that the bedding material should possess body-heat retention level.
  • The bedding should be such that it can absorb body fluids and urine properly. It is essential to keep the bedding dry.

All these points are essential to be pondered for bedding in a whelping box. Every day it is must to change the bedding several times to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Keep the bedding warm for your puppies.

Following the size, age and breed of your pet along with many other extra facilities you can choose the bedding for your whelping box. The sleeping and the potty area should be separated from your pet. The requirements of the whelping box will change with age and time. As your puppies grow with time, then you have to arrange all the things accordingly. Make proper planning so that your pet and puppies enjoy the comfortable and pleasant stay.

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